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2020-2021 Reopening Guidance Frequently Asked Questions


These are questions that have come up as we provide updates and guidelines for the reopening of schools. Questions and Answers will be added as they come to the District's attention.


Q. Will schools be open for on-campus instruction on August 5th?

A. Yes. At this time, the Stephens County School System is planning to be open for in-person instruction on all campuses.This is subject to change if the circumstances involving COVID-19 in our community and state change.


Q. What do the guidelines mean when they say that "all classrooms will provide instruction modeling distance learning from the classroom for all students for the first month of school."

A. This means that teachers will be spending face-to-face time during class instructing students on how to access online learning in case we are required to stay home again.


Q. What will modeling distance learning in the classroom (on campus) look like?

A. Your child will receive his/her regularly planned classroom lesson, with the teacher personally walking students through each step of submitting a response to the lesson online. In the event school is closed due to a COVID-19 crisis, your child will be prepared and familiar with the process for submitting responses online.