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Board of Education

About the Board of Education


The mission of the Stephens County School System is to empower all students to become self-motivated learners who think critically to achieve academic and personal success which contributes to the team.

We believe...

  • students are the focus of all decisions.

  • all individuals are valued and treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. 

  • in empowering students, parents, staff, and community through communication and collaboration.

  • a commitment to excellence is expected of all students, parents, staff, and community members.

  • in providing educational opportunities, PK-12, that prepare students for life beyond the classroom.

Vision Statement - SCSS envisions a culture where students value exploration, discovery, creativity, and innovation in a safe environment.  Our vision includes families, faculty, staff, and community members providing unwavering support aimed at inspiring students to achieve their personal best.  Unity in this vision will result in our students pursuing their goals in an ever-changing world.


Information provided in accordance with                O.C.G.A. 20-2-58 (c) as well as O.C.G.A 50-14-1(d)(1)

Board Dates and Times/LOCATION                                         

Board Meeting Minutes and Agenda

School Board Policies

PUblic participation in board meetings              

PUBLIC Participation rules of conduct               


Jim Bellamy

District 1, Post 2

Term 2023-2027

Kay Reed

District 3, Post 1

Term 2023-2027

Tripp Arrowood

District 2, Post 1

Term 2023-2027

Travis Dobbs

District 2, Post 2

Term 2023-2027

Wendy Dawkins

District 1, Post 1

Term 2020-2024

Mark Smith

District 3, Post 2

Term 2020-2024

Len Stovall

At Large

Term 2020-2024



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