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SB 42-Dexter Mosely Act

SB 42 Dexter Mosley Act

During the 2021 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Dexter Mosely Act (Senate Bill 42). This legislation authorizes home study students in grades 6-12 to participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities in the student’s resident public school system, with the requirement of certain notification and course enrollment provisions. The law is codified in O.C.G.A. § 20-2-319.6.

No home school students should attend workouts, club meetings, or practices/competitions until they are fully registered.

Georgia Department of Education SB42 Guidance

Home School Declaration Form

Enrolling Adult actions:

The enrolling parent/guardian must send an email to the principal of school the student would attend based on grade and the Stephens County Deputy Superintendent, indicating the intent to enroll the student under the SB42. This email must include the following scanned and attached documents:

  • The SB42 Declaration form (link above) indicating which extracurricular activities the student plans to participate in.
  • A copy of the student’s most recent annual progress report as provided in Georgia’s requirements for home school programs and include the student’s instructor’s individualized assessment of the student’s academic progress in all courses (reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science).
  • A written verification by the home school instructor that the student is currently receiving a passing grade in each home study program course and is maintaining satisfactory progress towards advancement.
  • A current copy of the student’s transcript including the number of cumulative units earned to date.

Email Addresses:

Stephens County Middle School Principal: Paul Defoor

Stephens County High School Principal: Michael Keown

Stephens County Deputy Superintendent: Matt Thompson

 Upon completion of these steps, you will be contacted by someone in the school system and, if meeting the above requirements, given permission to enroll. Enrollment information can be found here

**This documentation must be received 30 calendar days prior to the first day of school of the semester the home study student will be enrolling in Stephens County.**


Questions & Answers

SB 42 Dexter Mosley Act

Q: What is the process for informing Stephens County Schools that I would like for my student to take a course under SB42?
A: Parent/Guardian should read the documents linked above, and must send an email to the Principal and SCSS Deputy Superintendent indicating the intent to enroll a student with required documents (listed above under enrolling adult actions) attached.

Q: Can my SB42 student take more than one course?
A: No. Students registering under SB42 can only take one course.

Q: Is my SB42 student limited to specific courses or can a student select any course?
A: Students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities are eligible to take any course offered at the zoned school, based on availability, except in Co-curricular activities which may require a specific course tied to participation (ex: band, FFA, etc.).

Q: Does my student have to attend in person?
A: Likely yes. Students must take pre-existing courses offered as part of the normal school catalog, which contains very few virtual courses.

Q: Is my student subject to all rules and regulations of Stephens County Schools?
A: Yes. Students must adhere to attendance, Code of Conduct, Athletic Code of Conduct and all other policies as required of all students.

Q: Is my student exempt from any Georgia High School Association (GHSA) eligibility requirements?
A: No. Student must meet the same eligibility requirements as all full-time students.

Q: Can my student tryout or participate in any sport activity before submitting a declaration or registering?
A: No, the SB42 Participation Declaration must be submitted, along with all required documents, and the student must be registered before allowed to try out or participate.

Q: Will my student be eligible to participate in Stephens County High School graduation?
A: No. Students are not eligible to graduate from the SCHS.

Q: Will my student be eligible to continue in the course if student is not selected for extra-curricular sport or activity?
A: No. Unless student elects to attend full time, student will be withdrawn.

Q: If SB42 process is completed for a fall sport and student is not selected to participate in that sport, must my student begin SB42 process again to participate in a Spring sport?
A: Yes. SB42 Participation Declaration is specific to which sport/activity student wishes to participate.

Q: SB42 Declaration and registration process has been completed. My tudent is participating in selected sport/activity for Fall semester. They now wish to participate in Spring sport/activity. What is the process for another semester?
A: They must maintain enrollment and complete declaration each semester, breaking enrollment would result in ineligibility.