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Hospital/Homebound Services

Welcome to the Hospital Homebound Services webpage!

If you believe your student or child may be eligible to receive Hospital Homebound Services, please contact your child's counselor to discuss specific situations

Process Summary:

1.      Contact your child’s School Counselor to discuss eligibility and request a referral for Hospital Homebound Services if                 you believe it to be necessary.  It is a referral/request process so a parent or teacher may make a referral.

2.      You will receive a Request for Hospital Homebound Services Form that has several parts that are listed below:

          a.      Notice to Parents Regarding Hospital/Homebound (HHB) Services.  Please read and keep for your review.

          b.      Frequently Asked Questions Regarding HHB.  Please read and keep for your review.

          c.      Request for Hospital Homebound (HHB) Services.  Please fill out and return to your School Counselor.

          d.      Compliant Authorization for Exchange of Health and Education Information (HIPAA).  Please fill out and return to                       your School Counselor.

          e.      HHB Medical Examination Report.  Please have you child’s physician complete this form and return it to your                               School Counselor.

3.      Once the completed form is received by the school counselor, it will be reviewed by the Principal and District Office.

4.      If the student meets eligibility requirements and is granted approval, you will be contacted to set up services or an                     Educational Service Plan.

District Office Contact:   Dr. Joel Strickland, Director of MTSS and Assessment
                                             706-886-9415, ext. 1683