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Assistive Technology Locker
1/22/18 7:54 PM
1/22/18 7:54 PM

Assistive Technology

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Each year assistive technology specialists from the school system provide a range of technical support and professional development services to school personnel and their students.  These services include indirect student support, student evaluations, device technical support visits, and professional development workshops.  All of these services are directed toward building local school staff’s capacities to provide assistive technology devices and services.  This document was developed to assist local school system administrators and educators in accessing the services provided through the assistive technology specialist/team.



Assistive Technology (AT) Services


AT Consideration Support:  The assistive technology specialist/team provides technical assistance to aid school staff in developing and implementing assistive technology intervention programs for students with disabilities.  Case managers are encouraged to first become familiar with the Georgia Project for Assistive Technology (GPAT) Consideration Resource Guide (link provided below) as it is our platform for considering whether assistive technology is necessary for a student to access the curriculum.  Consideration Support is frequently provided to assist service providers in considering assistive technology, in developing assistive technology intervention plans, and in monitoring student progress.    The AT Specialist will consult with the teacher and or IEP team members via help desk/ticket system and/or on-site visit pending nature of request.  Feedback from the Indirect Student Support model will be provided in verbal and/or written feedback as needed.    At any time the CCSD assistive technology specialist/team may provide on-site technical assistance to aid school staff in evaluating student assistive technology needs and in making recommendations for assistive technology devices and services.   AT Consideration is the first process in determining AT needs in the Clarke County School District but is also a continuous process as the students needs/goals change.  In order for the AT Specialist/Team to support the school based team, current AT consideration must be thoroughly documented in the students IEP under the special factors section.  The present level, goals, and latest psychological will also be referenced frequently.


Device/Software Technical Support:  The assistive technology specialists/team and Instructional Technology Specialist often provide on-site technical assistance to aid school staff in addressing technical difficulties with assistive technology devices, hardware, and software.  This includes installing and customizing assistive technology solutions.


Student Specific Professional Development Workshops: 

Customized professional development workshops are available through the assistive technology specialist/team upon request.  These workshops address issues that are specifically identified by a student’s IEP. 


Short-term Equipment Loans:  Clarke County School District maintains an inventory of assistive technology devices and hardware that is available for trial or permanent use. 


To request Equipment, IEP team member must complete a help desk/ticket online specifying equipment needed and projected length of time needed.